The management, and key employees profile

Josip Zrno

Graduate Engineer Josip Zrno, born in 1989, received his education at the Technical Polytechnic of Zagreb, specializing in civil engineering. In the role of Expert in Procurement and Business Collaboration at Laser Engineering Ltd., Josip brings a wealth of experience in operations management.

His expert leadership of teams through complex challenges sets exceptionally high standards for quality, productivity, and compliance. His expertise in process optimization ensures full utilization of resources and achieving excellent results.

The combination of his analytical skills, quick decision-making, and ability to build collaboration within the team contributes to the company’s long-term strategy, following the latest trends and technologies in the industry.

Main activities in the company

  • Managing operational processes
  • Setting standards for quality and productivity
  • Optimization of operational processes
  • Resource planning and management

Key Skills

  • Analytical skills and problem-solving ability
  • Managing change and innovations
  • Risk management and handling crisis situations
  • Financial literacy and budgeting
  • Project and resource management

Foreign languages

English Language

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