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Tomislav Mršić

Tomislav Mršić (born in 1981) graduated from the Faculty of Traffic Sciences, Road Traffic Department, in Zagreb. With years of experience in the metal processing industry, Tomislav is an expert in sales.

His dedication and expertise in managing sales activities are crucial for achieving the commercial goals of the company. With a deep understanding of the market, Tomislav successfully leads a team of sales experts, encourages their efficiency, and achieves sales results.

His advanced knowledge of CAD programs, the technical capabilities of the company’s machinery, communication skills, and understanding of client needs make him a key factor in the company’s success.

Main activities in the company

  • Strategic planning of sales activities
  • Leading sales activities
  • Managing a team of sales experts
  • Achieving commercial goals
  • Developing sustainable relationships with clients

Main activities in the company

  • Team leadership and management
  • Communication skills and negotiation
  • Technical understanding of products and services
  • Understanding client needs and customizing solutions
  • Monitoring market trends and adapting strategy
  • Usage of CAD programs

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