The research on the satisfaction and the quality of the provided services, has confirmed that the vast majority of our customers is satisfied with our quality.

In the modern environment in which today’s companies operate, the quality management system becomes an imperative. Such a system has several components, one of which is the competence of the employees, as well as of the company as a whole. With the introduction of the quality management system, the company becomes fully oriented towards the satisfaction of all the requirements of its customers, and commits to put the customer above everything else, in the chain of its values. Laser Inženjering Ltd. was among the first companies that were able to recognize the mentioned, and therefore raised its quality management system to a higher level, through the introduction of ISO system in the management, in such a way ensuring a sustainable competitive advantage to itself.

Our customers’ feedback is extremely important to us, and therefore we continuously monitor their satisfaction by conducting surveys. By using surveys, we collect opinions and suggestions, through which we are trying to additionally improve our processes, to ensure even greater satisfaction of our customers. The survey consists of seven questions covering customers’ opinion about the competence of the employees, professionalism, courtesy and comparison of our services with the ones of the competition.

The results of our survey confirmed that our efforts are paying off, and that our customers are satisfied with the quality of the services. The survey found that 79% of respondents said they were satisfied with our professionalism and attitude towards customers. 94% of respondents claim that our employees have the knowledge, skills and abilities that enable the delivery of a quality product or service, and 72.7% say that our products are technically and commercially fully clear and defined.

Some of the statements made by the respondents in the survey are:


I ‘m satisfied with your service, I have already recommended you to two of my colleagues, who have consumed your service, carry on the same way.


Fast, high quality, and professional service. If the case is urgent, the company is always ready to meet your needs. Basically, all the best.


We are always interested in our customers’ opinion on our products and services we provide, so that we could improve the internal processes and meet all the requirements of our customers, which sometimes are not small. The survey results have motivated us to raise the quality of our services to an even higher level, because we have seen that we can do it, and that we have the knowledge and the expertise through which we provide a sustainable competitive advantage for ourselves, and a competitive advantage represents everything for the company nowadays“ said the director and the owner of the Laser Inženjering company, Anđelko Kaščel.

On the laser cutting and metalworking market, Laser Inženjering was the first one to implement a quality system ISO 9001: 2008 and the environmental protection system ISO 14001: 2004. The obtainment of the ISO certification is a reward for our concern for the environment in which we operate, and care to meet the demands of our customers, through which we build loyalty and long-term mutual benefit. In the future, we will continue to collect the opinions of our customers pro-actively, so that we could meet their requirements the best possible way.

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