In a series of achievements, Laser Ing highlights its latest: it has successfully expanded its machinery with an innovative Bystronic metal bender, model ByBend Smart 300/4100. This investment represents a significant leap forward in precision metal bending with high productivity and adaptability.

The Bystronic metal bender ByBend Smart 300/4100 brings exceptional technical features that will enhance the current workflow with flexibility, speed, and intelligent options. Besides offering outstanding performance, the ByBend Smart provides numerous smart options, facilitating the bending process through acceleration, efficiency, and consistency.

A key innovation of this model is active bending, Bystronic’s technology that automatically guarantees supreme precision and consistent accuracy in bending. Smart sensors monitor and confirm consistency throughout the bending process. Using hydraulic cylinders, this bender delivers optimal curvature and allows optimization through an intelligent database.

Easy operation through a touchscreen and the customized software, BySoft Cell Control Bend, enables CNC operators to easily achieve exceptional results. Furthermore, energy efficiency is improved through the ‘Energy Saver’ feature, reducing electricity consumption during downtime and creating less noise and heat.


“With this investment, Laser Ing further confirms its position as a leader in the metal processing industry. Our new bender, the Bystronic ByBend Smart 300/4100, brings greater efficiency, speed, and precision to all our projects and the requirements of our customers,” stated Leonardo Kaščel, President of the management board of Laser Ing.

With the acquisition of this top-tier machine, Laser Engineering LLC not only enhances its metal processing services but also continues to affirm its commitment to providing exceptional services and solutions to its customers in Croatia and the EU. This investment raises the company’s production capacities, promising the provision of a top-level metal processing service.


Video: Introducing the New Innovative Bystronic Metal Bender


Laser Ing, the leading service center for metal cutting in Croatia, proudly provides its services to numerous renowned companies from Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, and Germany. In addition to cutting services, the company also offers bending, welding, the production of metal structures and assemblies, and powder coating.

The company’s vision is to become the preferred supplier of metal processing services for leading companies from the region and the European Union, and its success in the market and high level of service quality, confirmed by the application of ISO standards and TQM in all business processes, make Laser Ing the right partner for the future.

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