LASER INŽENJERING Ltd, a company from Zagreb, Croatia, was founded in 2014 and with many years of experience and knowledge of the company’s founders, acquired in Austria through leading several specialized foreign companies for machine metal processing, offers services of solving project assignments and technical problems when it comes to machine metal processing.

Andjelko Kascel, the founder, and the CEO

By choosing a quality and professional staff, investing in knowledge and technology and also through business networking, after the first year of management, the company has achieved significant business success in providing laser metal cutting services, and has positioned itself among the leading companies of this industry in Croatia.

Our vision is to be one of the leading metalworking service centers, whose quality, reliability and professionalism is recognized by customers and business partners from the European Union.

As a result of the successful business both in the home market, as well as in Slovenia, Austria and Germany, we have achieved an optimal ratio of quality and price. The high degree of the quality of our products is confirmed by the application of ISO systems (9001 and 14001) as well as by the application of the TQM in all business processes.

The main advantages of the LASER INŽENJERING Ltd. company, in comparison with the competition, are the hard work of our employees, their knowledge, expertise and competence, then the quality of the provided service, technical solutions, rapidity in dealing with customers’ requirements and the price competitiveness of our products.

We hope that your company will be among those with whom we will establish a successful business relationship, to our mutual satisfaction.

  • The company employs a total of 46 employees and plans to generate a profit of € 4.1 million
  • A branch was established in Austria due to the growing number of clients and the growing demand for company services from the Austrian market
  • An ERP solution has been set up
  • A separate production control department is formed
  • A fleet with new delivery vehicles expands due to the growing number of customers from Austria and Slovenia
  • It is planned to extend the machine park with another laser cutter by Bystronic Fiber
  • The company employs a total of 39 employees and has a 3.7 million. € of generated profit
  • The former DOK-ING cutting workshop with all employees and machine parks (laser cutter, waterjet cutting, autogenic cutting) has been taken over
  • Machine park was expanded with several new machines: the most advanced Bystronic fiber dynamic laser cutter, Bystronic brand bender, water cutter, autogenic cutting machine
  • A new business management department has been formed with key customers
  • The company moved to its own production facility and administrative building at Sisačka cesta 11, Zagreb, Croatia
  • The company employs a total of 26 employees and generates a profit of 2.6 million. €
  • The land was purchased and a construction project regarding a company’s production plant and an administrative building is launched
  • A new production management unit was formed
  • We have taken part in the European Structural and Investment Funds bidding under the title “Strengthening Competitiveness”, the bidding was completed and a new forklift, an autogenous cutting machine as well as new IT equipment was purchased thanks to the funds
  • The company employs a total of 18 employees and generates a 1.7 Mil. € of profit
  • A middle company management was established due to a professionalization and business expansion
  • Company’s ERP solution for a more transparent and efficient business was put into planning
  • The internal marketing department has produced 4 multilingual websites for the realization of higher sales on foreign markets
  • The fleet with new vehicles to increase customers base and delivery was expanded
  • The company employs a total of 13 employees and generates a profit of 1.4 Mil. €
  • Two new departments have been established: trade and logistics, as well as marketing and Internet sales directed towards international markets
  • 19/10/2015. the company has obtained 9001 and 14001 certificates
  • The machine park was expanded with the Beyeler RT 160 metal bender and another Bystronic 4 KW laser cutter
  • In the first (incomplete) year, the company employs 9 employees and generates a profit of 0.6 million. €
  • 09/01/2014. the first laser cutter, the Bystronic 4.4 KW, was set in motion
  • The company’s first departments include: technical preparation, production, logistics and accounting
  • The company is operating in the production hall of 400 m2 as a part of the BIDD Samobor business center at Sisačka cesta I. section b.b., Zagreb, Croatia
  • 14/7/2014. mr. Anđelko Kaščel founded the Laser Inženjering Ltd. company in Zagreb, Croatia

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