In Velika Gorica, Croatia, on May 16, 2024, representatives from Laser Ing presented key information about the company, its services, business standards, and employment opportunities during a presentation for graduates at the Vocational High School Velika Gorica.


In the small hall of the Vocational High School Velika Gorica, Croatia, during the meeting of students and business representatives as part of the “Build a Career – Leap into the Future” program, Laser Ing’s representatives showcased their field of work, products, and working conditions. The graduates gained valuable insights into the functioning of complex systems of production, ordering, and delivery of products and services by Laser Ing, and had the opportunity to ask questions about everything that interested them and to meet potential employers.


“This event represents an invaluable opportunity to establish a direct communication channel between employers and graduating students – future experts in the mechanical industry. Through detailed presentations of the jobs and positions relevant to our company, and through direct dialogue with the students, our goal is to enhance the understanding of market demands and highlight the importance of cooperation between educational institutions and the business sector,” said Anđelko Kaščel, founder and board advisor of Laser Ing.


This event was organized by the Zagreb Chamber, Zagreb County, and the Vocational High School Velika Gorica, with participation from leading employers from Zagreb County and Zagreb. Around 100 final-year students from the Vocational High School Velika Gorica attended the event.


The increasing challenges faced by companies in the labor market, such as the shortage of domestic workforce and the need to align students’ knowledge and skills with labor market requirements, as well as the importance of connecting future workers with potential employers from the industry, are some of the key reasons for such initiatives that empower all participants in the market.


Laser Ing, the leading service center for metal cutting in Croatia, proudly provides its services to numerous renowned companies from Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, and Germany. In addition to cutting services, the company also offers bending, welding, the production of metal structures and assemblies, and powder coating.

The company’s vision is to become the preferred supplier of metal processing services for leading companies from the region and the European Union, and its success in the market and high level of service quality, confirmed by the application of ISO standards and TQM in all business processes, make Laser Ing the right partner for the future.

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