On Thursday, May 16, 2024, the first Libertas Matrix Croatica’s conference titled “Croatian Perspective: Economic Tiger or Dwarf” was held at the Esplanade Hotel in Zagreb. This conference, organized by the Matrix Croatica’s Economic Department, was also sponsored by the company Laser Ing.


Libertas is a conference that brought together over two hundred interested guests, promoting a traditional, classical approach to the ideas and concepts of the free market. It was the largest economic-themed event organized by Matrix Croatica to date, with plans for similar future activities.

The Economic Department of Matrix Croatica, led by Franjo Bušić, directly organized the conference and plans to intensify Matica Hrvatska’s activities in the fields of economics and technology.

The conference concluded with a panel discussion on the role of non-governmental organizations in shaping economic policies. The panel included Davor Huić (Lipa Association), Matej Hittner (Center for Economic Analysis and Public Policy), Hrvoje Bujas (Voice of Entrepreneurs Association), and Stjepo Bartulica (Center for Cultural Renewal). The discussion covered the possibilities of influencing state policies, including direct access through negotiations with the government and ministers, as well as creating public pressure on politicians.

Speakers aimed to connect the classical approach to economics with various moral, historical, cultural, philosophical, legal, scientific, theological, identity, and political aspects, providing a broader and more relevant context to this complex phenomenon.

Anđelko Kaščel, founder and board advisor of Laser Ing, stated: “We are proud to have had the opportunity to sponsor such an important event. The Libertas conference provides a platform for discussing key economic issues and fosters the dialogue necessary for the further progress of our country. We believe that supporting such initiatives can bring significant changes to Croatia’s economic environment.”


Photo Gallery: View the atmosphere of the event in the photo gallery.


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