From now on, Laser Inženjering offers, cutting of large format and thickness of stainless steel (inox).

Laser Inženjering Ltd., a company form Zagreb, which specializes in laser metal cutting and metalworking, has concluded an exclusive partnership with the Austrian company named Inox Schneidservice GmbH, better known in the industry under the name of “Inox Austria”, a company that specializes in cutting large profiles of stainless steel (inox), and steel resistant to corrosion and high temperatures.

The Inox Schneidservice GmbH company, closely specializes in cutting stainless steel (inox) and steel resistant to corrosion and high temperatures. The company works with supreme technology for plasma and water jet cutting. Thanks to the use of advanced technology, professional team, and to the speed of adjustment to the specific needs of the customers, the company quickly became the leading company specialized in cutting large format stainless steel, and a synonymous of the quality in several EU countries.

Industries for which they usually preform large format and thickness stainless steel cutting services are: production of electrical equipment, production of agricultural machinery, pharmaceuticals, paper industry, chemical and petrochemical industry, food industry, oil industry, parts for pumps and compressors, and many others. They offer certified boards, of trusted manufacturers, whose thickness goes from 1 to130mm , and which meet all the prescribed norms and standards.

Through this cooperation, Laser Inženjering company expands the range of services and provides to its customers a higher-quality, and more complementary service.

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