Profiles of the company's management and key staff

Anđelko Kaščel

Anđelko Kaščel (1966.) gained an MA in economics, in Zagreb, at the department of management of small and medium enterprises. He has over 25 years of experience at various positions in the management of companies, mostly abroad. He was a member of the team for the development and the implementation of a strategic plan of a multinational corporation, and he also participated in the takeover and the acquisition of several companies under foreign ownership. He specializes in the production optimization and cost reduction.

Transmits his practical professional experience to students as a guest lecturer (VERN ‘University), as well as to entrepreneurs and managers through the maintenance of business seminars (Philosophy of Success from Entrepreneur’s Perspective). The main goal of the seminar is to assist business people on their path of personal development towards a successful leader.

He is a member of the Economic council, a part of the Croatian Chamber of Economy – the Zagreb Chamber.

He is a member of the Metal processing industry association, a part of the Croatian Chamber of Economy – the Zagreb Chamber.

He is a director of the Institute of Education for Entrepreneurship – E4E in Zagreb, Croatia.

Main activities in the company

  • Board Advisor for Strategic Development of the company
  • Leader of the international team for knowledge and skills transfer of Laser Inzenjering to the Middle East

Key Skills

  • Operational management
  • Financial controlling

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